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Hello and welcome to Loving Kyron-  Loving Kyron is a public website I've dedicated to Kyron Horman and the search for Kyron.  It is a website where the public can come and write love letters to Kyron if they want and wish to do so..  (For Kyron's Private site, please see the link Kyron's Website)


The search for Kyorn has now been 8 weeks long, and that 8 weeks seems to be a life-time for most of, I'm sure for Kyron especially.  To be able to add your thoughts and prayers for Kyron is important, it's an important part of supporting him during and after this long process is over.  I encourage you all to do just that.  If you have a website for Kyron, feel free to add that address to our discussion page, here on Loving Kyron.  By doing so, I will create a direct link to your site... The discussion page is for your letters to Kyron...  A moment of privacy, away from the public may give us all that special bonding with our little boy of just 7 years old..  


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History Kyron's Website... by Victoria Celeste-Greyh

This website is here to praise the Lord for Kyron,  Kyron is now in our hearts and minds and he has forever changed us and our lives.. a new little boy has entered our world and it's a world of love for you Kyron... we are there for you...