Kyron Creations

Kyron Creations is a sister page (or pages) that compliment our Kyron Creations blog.  Kyron Creations blog is located at:  This page, Kyron Creations, will bring you some quick and simple home made project ideas that we have come up with or other people have mailed into us.  The email address for Kyron Creations is:



      Finding Kyron Pamphlet- Made At Home

A great way of passing out Kyron flyers- inexpensive and budget friendly.  Choose a favorite stationary.  Fold in half and glue Kyron's poster picture to the front top of the paper.  After copying, cut out a copy of "The Kyron Code" and glue to the paper (Outside Front). 


Copy and paste your printed out copy of the Finding Kyron Email Alert.  The Kyron Code and Finding Kyron Email Alert can be found on  Place a Missing Kyron flyer inside of your pamphlet, fold and staple.  (Optional) Tie a ribbon around your pamphlet.  Hand Out to everyone you find and pass the word that we are searching for Kyron.  

Please note:  We are urging everyone to add a copy of our Finding Kyron Email Alert to every possible outgoing Email.  And, in doing so, plase as the receivers to pass it along. 


Other Variations can include handing out a copy of The Kyron Code in the form of a book marker.  We will add that idea here, on Kyron Creations page also.  


        Inside Your Home- Made Pamphlet

Our theme here, is Be A Lighthouse For Kyron, however, you can creatively come up with your own themes and write saying to go with your themes.  

This is what our pamphlet looks like as it is opened.  A copy of Kyron's Missing Kyron Flyer is stapled to this pamphlet on the inside.