Any news that becomes available regarding Harry Oakes and his private search efforts for Kyron Horman will be posted here, on our Loving Kyron News Page. . .  Harry Oakes is both working on other search efforts and he is donating his time and dogs for this private search for Kyron Horman.  We applaud Mr. Oakes in his efforts and strive to support his search efforts 100%.  Thank You


 Re: Harry Oakes expense activty and $ donated by Harry Oakes re Kyron search.

Harry Oakes  
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News reports Kyron is missing.

06-05-2010 through 06-28-2010
Received over 1,300 request for me to get involved in this case. Started overhead management and planning. Sheriff’s doing their search now and investigation.

06-28-20 Spent $99.00 for topo maps of the search areas, water markers, other sar equipment that’s going to be needed in this search along with fuel. $25.00 for meals. Total spent $124.00 4 hrs. 25 miles.

Sheriff went public asking for the publics’ help. I decided to try and help. I went public on myspace and facebook about my private search for Kyron. Worked on logistics. Emails. Setting up overhead management. Talking with volunteers. Totals: 2 hrs. 15 miles. Meals $25.00

06-30-2010 Wednesday.
0400hrs. started returning emails.
Talked w/ Volunteer. 0830hrs. In route from Longview via hwy 30.
0845hrs. Talked with Victoria she wants to fundraise for the private search. I asked her to take full control of the money as I want nothing to do with it. I just want to work on the search aspect. Talked w/ Oregonian newspaper and Ch# 12. Talked w psychic who stated Macnamie Rd.

1000hrs. Arrived Sauvie Island. Met with Ch# 12 and ride-a-long volunteer Angie Ives.

1015hrs. Searched Sauvie Island Morage # 23 # 26 # 39. areas search dogs are
alerting to a Death alert. Found a small white cotton sock in water but not Kyrons.

Also found a shoe (was woman’s clog). 
1103hrs. Searched Big Island Marine No alerts.

Checked Reeder Rd. Got alerts. See maps Winds 10-15 mph f/ N.

1505 Completed searching for the day. Dogs exhausted.
Returned home. Did reports. Worked overhead management. 2030hrs. Ended work. 
16.30 hrs. 170 Miles. $25.00 fuel. $25.00 meals.

07-01 Thursday.
0400hrs. Answered 300 emails.
0830hrs. Drove to Sauvie Island.
1000hrs. Did interview with Ch# 12. Worked Sauvies Island Morage by boat.

Met boat operator from Cary Schneider DreamLife Northwest Boat Availability President DreamLife Northwest 503-252-9282 office Randy Nicolay Driver. No scent article.

1000hrs. SAR Dog Elly and Handler Cher worked the houseboat area and alerted the same area as did Willow and Tyler on 06-30-2010. Met the boat operator at 1000hrs. Worked the waters off the shoreline from the house boats Willow, Tyler and Elly all went ballistic “Death alerts” same area. Search the rest of the shoreline visually found nothing. No other alerts in any other areas. 

1630hrs. Interview TV Nancy Grace and Ch# 2. And ABC this am. Returned over 400 emails and telephone calls.

2300hrs. Ended day. 
Totals: 19 hrs. 110 miles. $24.00 fuel. $19.00 Meals.

07-02 Friday. 0400hrs. Made 10 telephone interviews of witnesses, clients. Worked on overhead management and planning. CISD/CISM debriefing. Made new press releases and blogs.
Reviewed emails (5,250 to date re: Kyron). Ended shift at 2200hrs.
Totals: 12 Hrs. 171 Miles. $23.00 Fuel. $25.00 Meals.

07-03 Saturday. 0400hrs. Returned emails and made several telephone conference calls. Meet support team DQ Scappoose 1000hrs.

1030 Mill Rd. Dogs alerted f/ N winds into water.

Worked search dogs around Skyline school and Sauvie island.

Checked McNamee Rd.

1700hrs. Dropped off Tish the volunteer in Scappoose.

2200hrs. Called it quits for the night.

Totals: 16 Hrs. 190 Miles. $45.00 fuel. $3.00 meals.

07-04-2010 Sunday.

0330hrs. Started checking and responding to emails.

0745hrs. Concluded work on the computer.

1130Hrs. In route to K-9-2 review case. CISD. View poss. Evidence.

1300hrs. completed.

1430hrs. Drove to hwy 26 checked for clothing along the way to Hwy 6 then down to Tillamook, Ore. Spent night in Tillamook.
2200hrs. Stopped work for today. 

Totals: 10 Hrs. 164 Miles. $25.00 fuel. $50.00 meals.

07-05 Mon.
1030hrs. Returned emails and telephone conference calls. Worked road search. Hwy 101 to Hwy Astoria Hwy 30 to Longview.

2100hrs. Completed work for the day.
16 hrs. 135 Miles. $138.00 Motel $28.00 Fuel. $12.00 meals.

Work hours. Totals: 95 hours @$200.00 per hour = 
$190,000.00 donated in work services.

Driven 985 miles


$99.00 on equipment Maps, water floats for marking body locations, etc.

$159.00 meals for myself and volunteers.

$147.00 Fuel.

131.0 Motel.

Totals; $536.00 out of pocket expenses from

From 06-28 to 07-05-2010.
Harry Oakes.